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A post by Chris RowanMore interesting links that I’ve shared via Twitter over the past seven days. If I had to highlight just one you should really click on, take some time to be wowed by the HiRISE imagery of Mars over at the Big Picture – they are jaw-droppingly beautiful. And seismogenic – also known as Julian from Harmonic Tremors – earned all the geonerd cred, and everyone’s insane jealously, by filming his encounters with Hawaiian lava.
Bill Bryson’s Notes from a Large Hadron Collider Manages to convey excitement without any destroy the Earth!! nonsense.
Zuska explores cultural parallels between scientific and religious institutions.
(via @ScienceBlogs )
35 beautiful landscapes selected from HiRISE imagery at The Big Picture. Coffee table book out when?
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Philippines: Mayon ‘may explode anytime’, heavy rains mean lahar risk remains.–phivolcs-official
(via @volcanismblog)
Dr. Albert Bartlett’s "Laws of Sustainability".
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Geoengineering in the House. Of Congress, that is. Seems testimony was sensible, at least.
(via @NatureNews)
Some beautiful images of islands from space. No. 10 us the coolest.
(via @geographile)
MESSENGER Rewrites Mercury Textbooks Even Before Entering Orbit: Lots of iron, but not in silicates…
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The World’s Costly Nitrogen Addiction: 80 megatons of fertiliser used/year; only 17 gets into food.
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Unsettled Youth: Spitzer Observes a Chaotic Planetary System Dust cloud formed by lots of proto-planetary collisions?
Another example of synthetic aperture radar data being used to track volcanism in the African Rift Valley.
Solar power generation around the clock . Heat stored in molten salt -> electricity as needed.
(via @physorg_com)
Haunting outlines of bones and plastic highlight impact of plastic on albatrosses.
(via @BobOHara, @edyong209)
Blog post from @brianshiro about his work at Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre.
Not pretty at all: Athabasca Oil Sands: open-pit mines and tailings ponds line the Athabasca River.
(via @EarthObser)
Fibre optic solar cells.
(via @suehutton)
Even if all other CO2 emissions stopped, fully exploiting Canada oil sands -> 2C global warming.
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CO2 from forest destruction overestimated.
(via @guardianscience)
Video of lava flows on Kilauea from @seismogenic. Not jealous not jealous not jealous… ,
Run don’t walk to Cassini raw images site for new pics from Enceladus flyby e.g. ,
(via @elakdawalla)
Nice discussion of the Shiva Crater palava by Suvrat.
‘Ultra-primitive’ particles found in comet dust Including lots of ‘pre-solar’ grains.
(via @physorg_com)
New PNAS study lists 17 easy household changes that would reduce US ems by 7%
(via @KHayhoe)
Atacama mudflows may be equivalent of controversial recent flow deposits on Mars.
(via @geologynews)
Geological Society of London on fossil webs found in amber: wow!
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Coping With Climate Change: Which Societies Will Do Best?
(via @YaleE360)
Solar power from Sahara a step closer CSP network aims to provide 15% of Euro power by 2050. Ambitious…
Planet hunt delayed by noise problems with Kepler. Fixable though.
(via @NatureNews)

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  1. Lab Lemming says:

    Does anyone actually follow twitter links? I think I’ve have maybe a hit per month from twitter…

  2. Chris Rowan says:

    I think that anyone who uses a twitter application like TweetDeck and clicks through a link does not show up as a referral from twitter. So it’s a bit difficult to know numbers for sure, although based on stats from URL shortening services if I post a link, anywhere between a dozen and a hundred people will view it, depending on interest and retweets.

  3. Harold Asmis says:

    If I could stand the fluff from twitter, I would put this on.
    Catch the Big New Zealand Geology Scandal on
    And I thought NZ was sooo boring! 🙂

  4. Silver Fox says:

    @Lab Lemming: When we link to you on twitter (which doesn’t happen daily), you get multiple hits per twitter link, often in the 10’s to 20’s per link, depending. You may or may not be able to recognize these hits with Sitemeter. I’m pretty sure I can’t see all my twitter links coming through via Sitemeter. Other stat counters may be better at recognizing twitter clicks. If you were on twitter, you could experiment with your links more completely and in a more detailed fashion. Plus, it’s easy – although, perhaps, time consuming.
    @Harold You’d be an ideal candidate for twitter, and you might get more clicks on your ads!