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A post by Chris RowanMore interesting links that I’ve shared via Twitter over the past seven days.
Volcanic cone-ilicious! : Marion Island, South Africa.
(via @EarthObser)
Break out the stickyback plastic! : Build a high resolution spectrograph in 15 minutes.
(via @BoraZ, @sqfield)
Here’s what sea ice looks like from 20,000 ft from flight over Antarctica.
(via @geogirldi, @mihaela4021, @NASA, @IceBridge)
LCROSS mission just posted new update: & images: But, no word on H2O detection. ,
(via @elakdawalla)
Make sure to check out the animation : Cassini and IBEX results indicate heliosphere is a big bubble
(via @CassiniSaturn)
Cool webcam pictures from the ongoing eruption of Chaiten
Hmm. No real evidence for this so far : giant impact near India – not Mexico – may have doomed dinosaurs.
(via @physorg_com)
A reminder that analogies can be stretched too far: important physical diffs between lava lamps and mantle convection.
Fascinating eyewitness account of 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake.
(via @stressrelated)
Video: Changes in Arctic sea ice coverage from 1978 to 2008.
(via @guardianscience)
Check out this awesome photo compilation of erupting volcanoes.
(via @clasticdetritus)
Satellite imagery of tsunamI damage to Samoan coast :
Very nice, polished piece by on physicists who go out on a limb as climate skeptics
(via @mtobis, @arthursmith)
Solid evidence of paleo-lakes on Mars! >3 billion years old though, before you get too excited.
(via @geologynews)
Scientists seek truth on oil sands damage. "academic community has been pretty quiet" so far, it seems.
(via @geology4u)
Morphological differences between juvenile, adult dinosaurs might mean 1/3 of species ‘do not exist’.
(via @physorg_com)
Awesome! Saturnian aurora!, longer animation
(via @elakdawalla)
Literally Doomed. I think poor writing is due to not enough reading: you learn by exposure to good writing.
UK cities need portfolio of measures that minimize impact of climate change while allowing for growth
WANT! Is this the coolest space exploration poster ever made?
(via @NatureNews, @DrStuClark, @ScienceSoWhat)
Airships set for Arctic’s heavy lifting
Meltwater, patterned ground, debris flow levees and more on 0.5 km asteroid:
(via @aboutgeology)
Killer earthquakes shake scientific thought Could EQ cycles at diff plate boundary segments move into phase somehow?
Research offers hope for oxygen, life in Europa’s oceans Based on chemistry of ice upwelling into surface cracks…

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