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A post by Chris RowanMore interesting links that I’ve shared via Twitter over the past seven days.
This is why no-one with an ounce of sense trusts the Express on science.
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FBI releases American Samoa tsunami footage (wave arrives at 1:50).
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LCROSS spacecraft graphics from post impact press briefing, with added captions.
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LCROSS impact recap with 3 animations.
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Nice article on the value of funding curiousity-driven research: "Blue skies have a way of turning into pots of gold"
Last time carbon dioxide levels were this high: 15 million years ago, and temps were 5-10 C higher!
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Want to draw a sedimentary log? Then this program might be for you (HT: Lost Geologist).
New data hints that Earth’s magnetic field was present 3.45 billion years ago.
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Biogeomorphology – Braiding vs. Meandering Rivers Evolution of plants->more of latter – just as I guessed!
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Eureka! New science magazine out today. Got Times today for a look, 1st impression q positive…
(via @TimesScience)
UKERC: peak oil is coming, but uncertain/unaudited data make it difficult to say when., (report )
INCREDIBLE images shot through a microscope! Nikon’s Small World finalists:
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Any Geobloggers coming to #scio10? You may want to join in proposed Earth Sci session
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Dave’s Landslide Blog: More images of the earthquake-triggered landslides in Sumatra
The Fall of the Maya: ‘They Did it to Themselves’ Interesting – can easily spot Mayan ruins from space!
(via @physorg_com)
If you own an iPhone, get Moon Globe and Mars Globe for incredible dynamic 3D views of Moon and Mars!
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Why being a good scientist means not respecting your elders But elders might not appreciate disrespect!
(via @DiscoverMag)
Nasa discovers ‘supersized’ Saturn ring Note picture is artist’s rendering.,
(via @guardianscience)
Almost 1/3 of British 2ary school children believe Google ranks search results in order of truthfulness Oh dear.
Another place I’d love to visit! Beautiful images from Galapagos Islands
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Have you donated yet to the Geobloggers’ DonorsChoose challenge? Help kids learn the really cool science.
Scientist reproduces Turin shroud. Though people who don’t believe C14 dating won’t believe this.
(via @SciencePunk)
Have I ever told you how much I want to visit Patagonia? Glacier Outlet, S Patagonian Ice Field, Chile
(via @EarthObser)
Epic series from Geotripper: A "Brief" (Geological) History of the Colorado Plateau A future field guide, perhaps?
North Sea petroleum (oil+natural gas) production from 1970 to 2008
(via @TheOilDrum)
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  1. Wow. That’s a lot of tweeting, Chris. But you missed one of my the most remarkable links of my week on Twitter, the one about the elementary teacher who was criticized for teaching too much science. Impossible!

  2. BrianR says:

    I like this format … has description of link, the actual link, and info on other Twitterers … keep it up!