Geobloggers need your help to give kids the Earth (Science)

A post by Anne JeffersonEach year, bloggers at ScienceBlogs team up with the non-profit DonorsChoose to drum up support for desperately underfunded public school classrooms in the United States. As Janet Stemwedel from Adventures in Ethics and Science writes:

DonorsChoose is a site where public school teachers from around the U.S. submit requests for specific needs in their classrooms — from books to science kits, overhead projectors to notebook paper, computer software to field trips — that they can’t meet with the funds they get from their schools (or from donations from their students’ families). Then donors choose which projects they’d like to fund and then kick in the money, whether it’s a little or a lot, to help a proposal become a reality.
Since 2006, ScienceBlogs bloggers have rallied their readers to contribute what they can to help fund classroom proposals through DonorsChoose, especially proposals for projects around math and science. Over the course of our three Blogger Challenge drives, we’ve managed to raise about $128,000, funding hundreds of classroom projects impacting thousands of students.
Which is great. But there are a whole lot of classrooms out there that still need help.

This year the collective of geo-bloggers is getting in on the act and trying to fund projects that bring Earth Science into the classroom (or brings the classroom outside onto the Earth). Kim Hannula of All My Faults Are Stress Related has set up a giving page and invited Eruptions and Highly Allochthonous to throw our support behind it.
We’ve identified 26 deserving projects covering all aspects of Earth Science (rocks, water, weather, oceans,earthquakes, soils, environmental science, dinosaurs, more rocks and fossils, sediments, etc.). These projects are fabulous and they showcase the creative and inspiring education that can occur in the public schools…if they just have the money to make the ideas into reality. Please help us give kids the Earth (Science) by contributing what you can to our DonorsChoose challenge.

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