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A post by Chris RowanSince there was a positive response from my first attempt, I’ll make this a regular weekend thing. I’m still working on the format. Apologies for the pirate-speak in some of the more recent tweets, but traditions must be upheld lest I be dispatched to Davey Jones’ Locker. Arrr.
Nova Scotia looks to tap powerful Bay of Fundy tides for clean energy.‚Ä®(via geographile, aseachange, cleaner_energy)
Not that deniers will listen but… contribution of sun to observed warming: 7% over 20thC, none since 1980. ‚Ä®(via KHayhoe)
Sci-fi authors’ visions of 100 years from now at New Scientist.‚Ä®‚Ä®
Ahoy! Feast yer eyes on t’ findings from t’ moon: cold traps for water & other volatile treasures! ‚Ä®(via geogirldi)
Intelligent Design’s 8 Biggest Fails [Gallery]: Reducible complexity. A veritable broadside, me hearties!‚Ä®
Arctic Sea ice minimum for 2009 reached. Bit higher area than 2007, but wonder about volume – more thin, new ice? ‚Ä®
How The Daily Mail writes it’s science articles (via morphosaurus).
How inspired a scientific breakthrough. Might make citation hopping easier… (via guardianscience ).
New geological map of Jovian moon Ganymede. It’s been a bit beaten around, hasn’t it?‚Ä®
British firm will fire probes into the moon to study its geology. A bit light on the ‘how’… (via geology4u)
Peer review in scholarly journals: Perspective of the scholarly community – an international study [PDF] (via mocost).
Poe or no? Those clinging to outdated notion of horizontal x axis: masks huge incr in arctic ice! (via KHayhoe jhiskes) [other posts suggest it is a Poe, but it’s increasingly hard to tell nowadays].
The Zero Growth Mind. (via TheOilDrum)
Amazing photo on Flickr from thunderstorm in SF Bay Area this weekend (via clasticdetritus).
Where is New Horizons today? Bookmark Maps show later Pluto probe would have been MUCH harder. (via NewHorizons2015)
Torygraph officially not a serious paper anymore: No evidence for Evolution? Really? A staggering science journalism FAIL (Times Science Central, via edyong209, TimesScience )
Glaciers flowing into a Greenland dry valley (NASA Earth Observatory)
It goes without saying that any discussion on any link is welcomed, nay encouraged.

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  1. Bob O'H says:

    Thanks for tweeting the Denial Depot this week. I think you should start a movement to get them absorbed into the Seed collective.

  2. I was going to comment last time, but I didn’t because comment preview was broken. But it turns out that comment preview is still broken, so it’s more than the temporary glitch I assumed. On pressing Preview, I get this:
    Publish error in template ‘Comment Preview’: Error in tag: Can’t find included template module ‘HTML Head’
    I get this error only on this particular blog and not on any other ScienceBlogs I try to comment on.

  3. Anand Philip says:

    hi chris, how do you extract the links you post from your twitter stream?

  4. Lab Lemming says:

    Why does the New Horizons map show 5 inner planets? Ceres?

  5. I think one must be the sun?