Weekend listening

In case you missed the announcement earlier in the week, the geology podclast has returned. This weeks topics included sponge chemofossils from the Precambrian, palaeomagnetism, and creating online geology in Google Earth. Two tips though:
(a) skip the guy who ‘erms’ and ‘sort-ofs’ in the first part of the show. Or, at least, forgive him.
(b) listen past the closing theme for some bonus out-takes.

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  1. Ron Schott says:

    No need to be self conscious about the ‘erms’ and ‘sort-ofs’, I don’t think they detract from what you had to say.
    I am a bit curious, though, whether your current position allows you the opportunity to lecture or speak publicly on a frequent basis? I think that that’s something that has trained me to speak much more fluidly over time.