Satellite Imagery of the Australian Bush Fires

NASA’s Earth observatory has posted a couple of images of the bush fires currently devastating southeast Australia.
7 February


9 February


The sheer scale of these fires is scary; presumably, things are not helped by the drought Australia has been experiencing for the past few years. Of course, what’s even more scary is that least some of the fires were started deliberately. The fact that it’s a recurring problem seems to rule out mere thoughtlessness, and suggests real malice.
There’s a Google Map showing all the fires and their current status, fed by data from the Victoria Fire Service, here.

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Comments (4)

  1. Kim says:

    Have you seen the pictures of the fire at The Big Picture?

  2. Phil says:

    Victoria is in south-eastern Australia actually.

  3. Mary Preston says:

    The scale of the disaster is terrifying. I am a Queenslander & at times like these the Australian spirit is to fight & lend a hand wherever possible. I am ashamed of the idiots who lit the fires & value life so little, but so damn proud of the men & women risking their own lives to save others as they battle the many fires.

  4. ank says:

    We live in the Netherlands, our family live in Victoria. We’ve been in Australia for holidays till half november 2008, and travelled through the country. We are shocked when we heard the stories and see what is going on. Thank God our family is ok. Our cousin drove miles from home to the fire trying to save other family not loosing everything. His uncle is in hospital for treatment because of fire wounds.
    We have rain here now, had snow and very low temperatures in the past few weeks. People are complaining all the time. I’ve told them about you all overthere and the ultra temperatures. One big miracle; they spontanious stop complaining and feel sympathy!
    Take care dear people and we think of you all the time!!
    With love,Ben & Ank Gorissen