Chris succumbs to Twitter

I’ve been nagged by a couple of people about joining the tweeters (or is the appropriate collective noun ‘twitterers’?). Although I’m still not completely clear on what it’s all for, I’m going to try and find out through the medium of giving it a whirl, and I can now be found trying to compress my overly complicated sentences into 140 characters or less under the username ‘Allochthonous’.
While I’m at it, I should probably mention that I’m trying out FriendFeed too. Again, I’m hoping to learn the point – or lack thereof – through doing.

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Comments (2)

  1. Bob O'H says:

    Make sure you give FriendFeed your twitter details. That way I only need to follow you on FF. Oh, and give it your blog address and Facebook profile too.
    FriendFeed seems very good for generating discussion – better than comment sections in blogs. I think that’s because it’s immediate and centralized, so it’s easier to follow the discussions.

  2. PalMD says:

    arghh…bob, i think i need a tutorial…oh, chris, welcome to twitter…i just started there too.