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Shortly after I bemoaned the lack of subdiscipline feeds at Sciencedirect, someone from Sciencedirect e-mailed me to let me know that they do exist, they’re just a little hidden away. If you log in with a personal Sciendirect registration, then click on ‘Alerts’ in the main navigation bar, there is a ‘topic alerts’ option. However, you don’t have to do any of that, because I’ve been given permission to share them here:

Sciencedirect also offers RSS feeds for individual journals, and for user-defined searches and citation alerts. I never got any of it to work when I was in Johannesburg (both Google Reader and Bloglines refused to subscribe to the feeds) but it seems to be working now. I’m currently making an effort to make browsing relevant paper abstracts as easy as browsing blog posts by directing stuff into my feed readers. And of course, then you have the option of sharing ones that you find interesting…
The Geological Society of America also offer RSS feeds for their journals:

If there are any other useful feeds that people have come across in their internet travels, let me know in the comments.
Update: Mel has posted a list of feeds that she subscribes to.

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  1. Silver Fox says:

    Thanks for publishing these lists, especially the ScienceDirect ones which I didn’t know about. (Although now I’m more behind on reading than I thought I was!)

  2. Bryan says:

    Thanks. I second Silver Fox’s sentiments.

  3. Mel says:

    I also have RSS feeds for WileyInterscience (now contains all the BlackwellSynergy Journals) and Green Gabbro posted a link to all the AGU publications. It was a pain to look through all the journals and subscribe to them individually, but some of them do have topical RSS feeds.
    I asked GSA about GSAToday. Right now that is on the old feed (gsajournals), but soon it will be switching to the new feed (gsapubs) like all the other GSA publications.
    I also put in a request to the Journal of Geoscience Education to start an RSS feed and it seems like it is in the works.
    I’m working on putting all the journals I subscribe to together in a list, but there is a lot of cutting and pasting from GoogleReader! Anyone know how to export a folder list?

  4. Silver Fox says:

    Ron Schott puts a number of table of contents or titles (with some abstracts, I think) – like Tectonophysics – in his Ron Schott’s Picks feed. He might know something about folder feed management.

  5. Chris Rowan says:

    Mel – this post lists AGU subdiscpline feeds.

  6. you might be interested in ticTocs — which aggregates 12,000 journal rss feeds. I am not involve in this, just a fan.