The US election in just three words

Good call, America.


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  1. greg laden says:

    How about:
    Yes we can!
    Nice Dress, Michelle … (snarkily but with affection)
    (Phew..) That was close…..
    Its about time!

  2. PaulG says:

    Rock on, Baz

  3. Lab Lemming says:

    Not in your livelihood involves drilling…

  4. Larry O'Hanlon says:

    Thanks Chris. We sweated it out for almost two years trying to get this guy in there. Many folks I know said that if we did not elect Obama, they were about ready to leave the country. So we are SOOOO gratified.

  5. CherryBomb says:

    No more W!

  6. MikeB says:

    Jamie Oliver did it in four – ‘Thank f**k for that’.