One Geology is very cool indeed

Just like Kim, Alessia, and Hypocentre, I’ve been having fun with the One Geology portal, which presents the first incarnation of the project to create the world’s first online, global, geological map. You can even download geological overlays for Google Earth, which is so cool that I’ll forgive the fact that the portal doesn’t yet work with Firefox 3, which has forced me to dust the electronic cobwebs off Internet Explorer*
Anyway, here’s the geology beneath my feet right now:


The circular green and pink area in the bottom right (north-east) corner is granite-greenstone basement which formed 3-3.1 billion (3000-3100 million) years ago. The different-coloured concentric bands surrounding this (starting with yellow, ending with orange) are the various units of the Witwatersrand Supergroup, a cratonic cover sequence which is the same age as the Pongola rocks that I’ve been studying during my time here; both sequences were probably originally deposited in a single basin, which has since been dismembered by later geological happenings. Gold-bearing conglomerates in the Witwatersrand – the source of 40% of all the gold ever mined – are the reason for Johannesburg’s existence. As you can see, the University (and my current abode) are located – appropriately enough – on top of the lowest unit of the Witwatersrand. Younger sequences (by South African standards – virtually every unit in this image is more than 2.3 billion years old) can be seen around the western and southern edges.
Given that these are still the very early days of this project, I’m getting very excited about what geological goodies we’ll see online in the future.
*If that turns your stomach, according to Hypocentre the Flock social browser, which is based on Firefox 2, also works.

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  1. BlindRobin says:

    This application is optimized for IE6, IE7, Flock 1.2 and Firefox 2.
    They need help. In a big way. They need to get out of the dark ages.

  2. Nick Sullivan says:

    Damn, NZ’s GNS hasn’t uploaded the detailed data for New Zealand’s geology. I so want to look at the lovely twisted landforms in the Castle hill in google earth 🙁

  3. Silver Fox says:

    A little bit of playing around on this post, too! It’s way cool and lots of fun.

  4. CamArchGrad says:

    Re: Firefox 3 if you get the IE Tab extension for Firefox it will display the one world geology portal.