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For the benefit of anyone who is new to the geoblogosphere, below is a list of the currently active (defined as ‘posted something in the last 2 or 3 months’) geology and earth science related blogs that are picked up by the feed you see on the left of this page:

I make that 45, and I’m probably missing some (if you can see an omission, please enlighten me in the comments). Our merry band has certainly grown in the last few months, and will hopefully continue to do so – it’s nice to see how wonderfully crowded my little corner of the internet has become.

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  1. Hypocentre says:

    I would be grateful if you could add my humble blog to the list of geoblogosphere giants above.
    I find your feed invaluable.

  2. Chris,
    I would like to note my marginally realized geoblog that relates to simple digital methods for geologic mapping and various things (note: snarkiness alert):
    Thanks for your more professional efforts.

  3. Volcanism says:

    Thanks for posting this list, Chris. The geoblogging community is indeed thriving, and it’s a very friendly corner of the internet as well.
    Can I suggest the inclusion of Erik Klemetti’s ‘Eruptions’ blog in your invaluable feed? I hope I’m not taking a liberty.
    The more volcanoes round here the better, obviously.
    Cheers – Ralph

  4. Mel says:

    Here are a few more I have found.
    And if you are including paleo, you might want to include this geoarcheology source.
    I have more in my reader, but many have not posted in months. Oh, looking at my posting history I need to put a quality post up stat!
    Thanks for the list! I added the couple I didn’t have.

  5. Silver Fox says:

    Thanks, indeed, for posting this list! And for providing the feed that many of us use.

  6. After counting my blogroll I just realised that there are 70 geology related (in the wider sense) blogs on that!!! 😮

  7. Maria says:

    The Society of Exploration Geologists has a Geo-Mentoring blog.
    You’re also missing Industry Seismology and Stuff, which sadly does not publish a feed.

  8. Quantum_Flux says:

    Do you have an HTML code for your blog-roll? Not that I want to be on your blog roll because my blog isn’t even nearly geology related, I’m just asking because I’ve recently become interested in Geology and would find such a list educational.

  9. Lukysh says:

    Hi Chris, my blog is in spanish, I don’t write frecuently, but I’ll try… nice job.