Delusions of grandeur? Us?

If you’re worrying that we in the science blogging fraternity are starting to get ideas above our station, these two cartoons will surely put your fears to rest.


(from aphanitic)


(via Her-Seed-Overlordness Ginny)

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  1. Bob O'H says:

    For some reason this reminds me of an incident when I was an undergrad in Leeds. The lecturer hadn’t turned up for our tutorial, so we asked the secretary what had happened, she rung him up and got him out of bed, and said he’d be with us in about half an hour.
    Half an hour later he turned up, very apologetic, and explained that he had been driving rather quickly to get to the university, and had been stopped by the police. The policeman had asked him his name, and upon being told “Dr. Shastri” had apologised profusely for delaying him, and gave him an escort the rest of the way to the university.
    I think there’s a moral in there somewhere.

  2. Maria says:

    Some friends and I were once stopped in Pasadena for having expired plates, or something, and the cops ran the registration and found that the car was the driver’s mother’s, and her mother had a different last name, and it was all very suspicious. She explained that she was a student, and the officer asked where, and when she said “at Caltech” the officer visibly relaxed. Lesson learned: Classism totally works.
    I am trying to figure out values of $Professor for which I can say that more people read my blog than read $Professor’s papers.

  3. KC says:

    Haha – wow! Seeing that horrible abomination of mine was the last thing I expected to see on HA. (That explanation should actually read, “This is what I do at 4 AM and when I think no one else but me is reading this”!) I salute your blog-sleuthing/log-reading skills, Chris, along with my continued enjoyment of Highly Allochthonous.
    All the best,