Blessed are the commentators

This blog reached a minor milestone whilst I was away: Brian’s comment on my post about the geological carnage in Kashmir was the 1,000th comment to be posted since I moved to ScienceBlogs. Note that he was agreeing with me. That’s because everyone always agrees with me in the comments, and not just because I delete the malcontents.
Seriously, though, to have so much feedback and discussion inspired by my writing, particularly from the diverse band of regular geoblogospherians who have taken to hanging around here, is one of the best things about blogging, and not just because it boosts my ego: this site wouldn’t be half as good without all of you popping up to provide clarifications, corrections and questions. So, thank you, and I hope that you continue to loiter.

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  1. chezjake says:

    We’d loiter more if there was beer to be had. 😉
    And while we’re talking about beer, how about an off-topic post on whether or not there’s any good beer to be found in South Africa?
    I’ll lift a pint to you and the blog.