Accretionary Wedge #5, and some new faces

The first Accretionary Wedge of 2008 is now up at Green Gabbro, and it seems that we geobloggers are all too happy to have a little rant about the more annoying geological misconceptions and misrepresentations that are floating around in the public domain. And pie.
It’s also an opportunity to introduce yourselves to some of the geoblogosphere’s newest recruits, who have all contributed excellent posts. I wish them all a hearty welcome, and hope that they all manage to stick out the difficult first couple of months before blogging becomes second nature. A couple of bloggers better known for posting about matters academic have also dipped their toes into the earth science waters.
It’s great to see our numbers growing – after adding the latest crop, there are now almost 30 feeds actively contributing to my Geoblogosphere aggregator (anyone who doesn’t think they’re on there yet and thinks that they should be, and has an RSS feed – I’m looking at you, NOVA geoblog – let me know), and it’s ticking over faster than ever.
Perhaps more encouraging still is that a Google search for ‘accretionary wedge’ (sans quotes) has the carnival homepage at #3, where it will hopefully ensnare people being puzzled by geological terminology. Similarly, this blog is #8 on search for ‘allochthonous’ (for some strange reason, ye olde blog is #5, despite having a lower Google PageRank), Yami is #7 on a search for gabbro, and – perhaps most impressive of all – Brian is #5 on a search for ‘clastic’.
The interweb will soon be ours…

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Comments (7)

  1. BrianR says:

    yes! it will soon be ours!
    I have NOVA Geoblog’s feed in my aggregator using this:

  2. yami says:

    *rubs hands together evilly*

  3. I’m so proud of our little carnival. But who needs the intertubes when the world is already ours?

  4. Chris Rowan says:

    Brian – thanks, that worked.
    Chris – good point. Although we do need somewhere where people can see and worship their hammer-wielding overlords…

  5. OK, so Brian’s got me covered with the RSS feed? Do I need to do anything else with that. You old pros have to show us tenderfeet the blogging ropes, ya know. Thanks for the warm welcome, Chris.

  6. Lab Lemming says:

    My blog ranks highly for such basic geologic searches as “Thermodynamics of hot chicks”, “pluto conspiracy” or “Phase equilibrium pie”…

  7. Andrew says:

    It helps to start early. I was #1 for “anthropocene” beginning in 2002. Now I’m #3 for “jokulhlaup,” #6 for “tuya,” #6 for “basalt.” But I’m proudest of ranking #4 for “geology.”