Places you do not want to find yourself

1. The middle of the Namibian desert with a broken car.
2. The Yucatan Peninsula, 65 million years BP.
3. Sitting on a flight back to Johannesburg as the captain announced the final result of England’s abject capitulation to South Africa in the Rugby World Cup.
At least it meant that I wasn’t forced to watch it, I suppose.

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  1. Propter Doc says:

    Tee heee heee. No. 3 would have made me very very happy indeed. “Oh flower of Scotland” and all that.

  2. Eh, history is filled with times and places where you really don’t want to find yourself. It can be anywhere from the deck of the Titanic just before the iceberg hits to the world premiere of Gigli. The trick is to avoid these places like the plague. My basic strategy involves spending my life hiding under my bed (it’s worked to far).

  3. Bob O'H says:

    Oh poor you. It could be worse, you could have been returning home to Paris from Argentina a week or so ago.
    Bum. Pietersen’s just been run out. I guess this means I’ll have to avoid my SAffie friend for a few more days.

  4. andy says:

    Jupiter on July 16th 1994 would be pretty bad for a variety of reasons (being on a high-gravity, freezing cold and toxic planet with no solid surface being some of the more minor ones)

  5. blf says:

    Did England even show up for that match? To me, it looked like the RFU imported the corpses of the cattle infected with foot-and-mouth disease.
    (Ok, ok. so Jason Robinson was alive and kicking; and Farrell was at least alive, albeit not kicking.)

  6. Chris Rowan says:

    Sadly, I think bovine corpses would probably have provided a more effective defense.

  7. Ken Clark says:

    any where in orbit of NGC-1952 about 7300 years ago would have been pretty unpleasant too