Philosophia Naturalis #11: Powers of 11

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  1. Bruce Elrick says:

    No explanation as to why you are using powers of 11 instead of 10? Did you really go to the effort to convert traditional powers of 10 into powers of 11 for the graphics?

  2. Nice format!
    I need to see if any of my stuff can fit in Philosophia Naturalis or the Carnival of Mathematics. . . hmmm. . . The shopping cart immobilization device is, technically, an application of the Maxwell Equations and Fast Fourier Transforms.

  3. Oh, by the way, your link to Mollishka’s blog is broken (it’s acting like a relative URL instead of a pointer to her domain). The phrases “Bad New Scientist!” and “Having sorted out the extended Cassini mission” look like some hyperlink tags are busted — I think that’s how ScienceBlogs typically renders text when a quotation mark is missing in the A HREF part.

  4. mollishka says:

    Yeah, what Blake said.

  5. djlactin says:

    Bruce: powers of 11. read ‘contact’ by carl sagan. or just count the dimensions in string theory.

  6. Harold Asmis says:

    Thank you very much for doing this. I hope the good feelings help you when you are hacking your way through the wilds of Africa! :)

  7. Brian says:

    i also like the format…i’m a big fan of “scale awareness”…well done

  8. Russell Pate says:

    I admire your blog, I hope my blog evolves into something like this one day. Nice work integrating interesting articles into a format that grabs attention!

  9. Chris Rowan says:

    Belated fixes have been applied. My apologies. As for the 10 to 11 thing, I was just running with the fact that it was PN #11 rather than PN #10… in terms of the math, given the scale of the diagram it doesn’t make a hell of a lot of difference.