Philosophia Naturalis # 11: a slight delay

In my free moments since my return I’ve been steadily ploughing my way through the last months’ blogospheric activity, trying to construct a good cross-section through the posts and preoccupations of the best physical science bloggers for the June edition of Philosophia Naturalis. However, fieldwork withdrawal symptoms are making me somewhat allergic to sitting at my computer for long periods of time this week, so I’ve found it slow work organising it all into a decent carnival. Therefore, because I don’t want to do everyone a disservice with a substandard post, it’s been agreed to delay publication of PN #11 until NEXT Thursday (28th June). It will be worth the wait, I assure you, oh yes.
In the meantime, thanks to those of you who have been submitting/suggesting articles, and keep them coming!

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  1. Harold Asmis says:

    We forgive you, since you got caught up in that shit car!
    btw, you should put in my blog, since I’m almost over 10 visits a day!