Carnival of the post-docs

The 4th Carnival of the Post-docs is up at Minor Revisions, whose author has really excelled herself with an voluminous collection of links – just what I needed to get through a brain-fried post-fieldwork afternoon.
Whilst you’re over there, the host blog itself is well worth a read – and I was intrigued to discover that my link in this post (included in the carnival) directed some (well-deserved) traffic its way. It didn’t occur to me that I had that much power…

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  1. Katie says:

    I’m always happy to help people direct their attention away from work and toward blogs.
    And you’re obviously powerful beyond measure, as measured by the all-knowing site statistics. 🙂 After reading your last post, I felt better about my own patient-recruitment woes as compared to the “joy” that fieldwork can apparently be sometimes. I’m glad it proved useful overall though.
    Thanks for the new link – I await huge amounts of visitors now!