Yay, field work

I’m going to be out of the office for a couple of days; I’m going on a short field trip to get a first look at some of the sequences I’ll be working on, and identify some likely sampling sites. Some time out in the fresh air, some new and interesting rocks, and a chance to really get started on my new research; what more could a little geologist ask for?

Don’t worry though, I’ve been organised enough to schedule a couple of nice juicy posts for tomorrow and Friday. And when I get back, if you’re very good, I’ll post some photos and make you all jealous.

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  1. So I go away for a few weeks, and when I return I find that HA has run off – both physically and virtually. Must say I’m envious – I remember the day when I could up and run on a moment’s notice…
    Congrats also on joining the Hive.
    What else is new? The next thing you’ll be telling me is that you’ve published in Nature…
    What? Bastard!
    I wish upon you evil reviewers for all Eternity…

  2. LL says:


  3. Propter Doc says:

    Like the new place. Good luck with the rocks and watch out for things that want to eat you – plenty of those down south.

  4. Chris Rowan says:

    Not Barberton – I do hope to get out there sometime. South of Swaziland, looking at the basal units of the Pongola Supergroup.