Erin Parker

Erin ParkerErin Parker is still sometimes surprised to find herself in front of a classroom, where she teaches earth sciences to 150 boisterous students each semester in an urban public high school in Wisconsin. She also can’t imagine herself doing anything else, even on the tough days. Erin’s posts explore earth science through the lens of a public educator and advocate for a scientifically-literate world.

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Tim Sherry (Alumnus)

Tim SherryTim is a graduate student at McGill University studying Earth Science and Structural Geology. He now blogs at Up-Section.

Tim’s post treated us to some of the geological highlights of Eastern Canada, including the Charlevoix impact crater.

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Simon Wellings (Alumnus)


Simon Wellings trained as a Geologist but professionally has metamorphosed into something else. He retains a keen interest in Geology, facilitated mainly by the wonders of the Internet. Simon now blogs at Metageologist.

Simon’s posts examined at the geological record of meteorite impacts, and other mineralogical miscellany.

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Will Dalen Rice

Will Dalen RiceWill Dalen Rice has a MS in Earth Science from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. He currently works in the wastewater treatment industry.

Will wrote a series of dispatches from the Advanced Biofuels Leadership Conference.

Posts by Will.

Nina Fitzgerald (Alumnus)

Nina FitzgeraldWith a nod to John Prine, Nina Fitzgerald is currently “swinging the world by the geological tail, bouncing over a white cloud, killing the blues.” A few years ago she left a 20-year sucking-the-life-out-of-me career, obtained a BS in geology, and has been loving life ever since. She lives in the geological paradise of southwest Utah and is currently on a mission to continue working as a seasonal park ranger for the National Park Service. Nina has her own blog at Watch for Rocks.

Posts by Nina on Erratics.

Kathy Cashman and Alison Rust

Kathy CashmanKathy Cashman and Alison Rust are volcanologists who study the physical processes that cause volcanic eruptions (including the role of gases in controlling volcanic activity). Kathy is a Professor at the University of Oregon (Eugene OR); Alison is a Royal Society Research Fellow at the University of Bristol (UK).

Kathy and Alison wrote about how bread-making could teach us about the behaviour of bubbles in magma.

Posts by Kathy and Alison.

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