Our mission

Earth Science Erratics was by conceived Anne Jefferson and Chris Rowan, the authors of the popular geology blog Highly Allochthonous. We believe that many geologists and geoscience enthusiasts are tempted to try their hand at geoblogging, and we aim to lower the hurdles to their participation. Setting up a blog is easy, but building an audience for your writing is hard: a post on Erratics is highly visible, through links on Highly Allochthonous and the All-geo front page, and promotion on Twitter, so we can guarantee that your work will be seen. Some people aren’t sure they can commit the time to posting regularly. On Erratics, you can post once a month, once a week, or just once – you can set your own pace, and take comfort in the fact that when you do write something, people will know about it.

Are you thinking of starting blogging? We can get you started, let you find your feet and an audience, and once you feel comfortable, help you move to your own blog.

Do you have something in particular that you want to share? Your own research, an account from a field trip or conference, or a geologist’s perspective on a recent news story? We can provide a venue where it will be read and appreciated.

Have you already taken the plunge and started your own blog? Are you wondering how to let people know about it? We will help you plug your work through cross-posting on Erratics, or introducing you with a short blog interview.

If you would like to contribute to Erratics, or drum up some publicity for your new blog, please contact us.

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